Giving Back

Challenger Middle School PTA Fundraiser

December 13th, 2022 at Hardee’s 5749 Green Cove

Address: 104 Green Cove, Huntsville, AL 35803

Hardee’s® Cares Program

We truly care for our guests and the communities we serve, so we are constantly look for ways of giving back. Through our Hardee’s® Cares program, we have raised money for children and schools, and with the help of our guests, we have provided thousands of school supply items to rural and needy children. What’s more, we remind drivers – in friendly ways — to exercise extra caution and keep an eye out for others.

Hardee's fundraiser. Photo of a big check.

In addition to our work with Schools, we helped raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, for Alzheimer’s research and respite care for the caregivers of Alzheimer patients, and for returning American soldiers.

We encourage youth to excel in the arts and to give back to their communities. We help church youth teams and schools raise money for outreach and education-related projects and we cook and deliver those great made from scratch biscuits and Thickburgers to many, many local events and happenings.

Hardee's fundraiser. Photo of a big check.

2021 Stars for Heroes Campaign

Here is a list of the Hardee’s Cares® programs:

  • Support Breast Cancer Research
  • School Supplies for Students
  • Can Food Drive
  • Watch for Motorcycles
  • Don’t Text & Drive
  • Support our Troops
  • Help Us Fill The Bus
  • Watch for School Children
  • Don’t Drink & Drive

To continue our Hardee’s Cares focus, our new restaurants utilize many “greener” options on the operational side. Each restaurant is equipped with our Energy Management Systems that assist with controlling and monitoring equipment, temperature control and lighting in order to conserve energy. All of our new buildings feature LED lighting installed to not only save on kilowatt usage but reduces the regular maintenance that eliminates a service truck on the road burning fuel as well. Another important green aspect is our High-Efficiency equipment that includes electric fryers instead of natural gas. Recycling is definitely a part of our focus too, as we now recycle unused cardboard and our excess vegetable shortening.

Giving Back

Overall, we are trying to do our part to conserve and protect our local natural resources for future generations through environmental stewardship.

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